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1. London 1969 


I remember shivering in a wet bathing suit in my parent's darkened bedroom in front of a tiny black and white TV. We all the left the pool on that hot July day to witness history being made. "You'll never forget this", he whispered in my ear. I didn't. Thank you for all the magic Dad. 

You’ll never forget this, landing on the moon. The way the earth fell away, while we stood in the room. Our eyes as big as stars, as you took steps of faith, we all left the pool to watch the interstellar race. As I watched you, leaping for mankind, he said “you’ll never forget this, you’ll never forget this“. And I loved you, leaping for mankind. I know I’ll never forget this, I’ll never forget this, London 1969. You floated for days and days, you floated to the stars, our eyes were yours we shared your gaze; Jupiter and Mars. Do you think you’ll miss her? Could she change your mind? If you had the chance to stay, would you leave us all behind? Would you kick the boosters off and drain the rocket fuel, flip the bird to planet earth, while we stare up at you?


2. Badlands (Shadow On My Soul)


He's one dangerous sonofa' in that bright yellow convertible as he cruises a desert highway with only his demons and the radio for company. But his conscience roars louder than his engine. Listen closely, this is a cautionary tale....

Drumming on the steering wheel through the Badlands, top down clocking 95 I’m such a bad man. I dreamed I had a burden, I dreamed the river had me in its roll, but I think it’s just the full moon, I can feel it cast a shadow on my soul. Stopping in a small town with a southern tan, matches from a motor inn, rings fall from my hand. I dreamed I had a burden, I dreamed the river took me in its toll but I think it’s just the full moon, I can feel it cast a shadow on my soul. The lines between your hours can turn and they can twist and fall away unnoticed diamonds slipping from your wrist. So wake me when my bones are breaking, when breath is quick and soul is quaking. Sometimes the body tells the mind, things it can’t accept, things that ink the moonlight and frighten half to death. The deed is done, I’m on the run, through the quicksand. Top up it’s raining hard, I’m such a bad man…I’m such a sad man.

3. House of Chandeliers (Song for Joni)


Ding Dong! Avon calling! Imagine growing up with Joni and all her siblings in Brentwood in the 1960's with a chandelier in every room? Get your curlers and giddy up, we're having a costume party!


"We cannot cure the world of sorrows, but we can choose to live in joy." This one's for you Theresa Brent, you genie in a bottle! Got a light?

You did cartwheels down the hall, when Avon came to call. Everybody had a ball in the house of chandeliers. There’s lipstick on that cigarette, little handprints on the walls, you’re a genie in a bottle with a long blonde fall, long blonde fall. She’s getting ready for the dance, sewed some gold lamé hot pants, the boys don’t stand a chance, in the house of chandeliers. Did she know the day that he fell through the sand, and the pictures started moving in his hands? Peacocks on the kitchen door, patterns swirling on the floor and pictures that were moving in his hands. China cups and poodle pups, cowgirl boots let’s giddy-up!  She painted all the cupboards up, in the house of chandeliers. Teak dinettes and old Gillettes, careful hon the paint’s still wet! Rollers serve in her hairnet, in the house of chandeliers. 

4. The Only Word


"Only from the heart can you touch the sky." Rumi

Love. It's ok, big breath, you got this.

The uh-oh only word that ever let me down, dropped me from so high eagles looked like pinholes. That one little word, as light as the sky, floated away and that beats all. The uh-oh only word that sounds like a deep sigh had me searching for something just not there. That one little word made the dream so real. Had me living on nothing but air. A maiden trip to the start of the voyage, twice around the block, before I worked up the courage to earn myself the hardest knock. I uh-oh only heard the one thing left unsaid. Had to close my eyes ‘til the smoke clouds cleared. That one little word made the hurt so real, curled itself into my pain.


5. 60 to Zero


Who's to blame when the wheels catch the shoulder? Not even Monet or the voices of angels could have saved us. Let's not regret giving it a shot.  

How did we go from 60 to zero? From roses to petals to pieces of pride. Where did the road turn when we hit the gravel and never recovered our stride? From soft pillow talk to hearts made of rock, the twists and the turns spilled from our cup. From let’s do this right to cold shoulder one night, remember when you said I don’t want to mess this up. We both knew better, we knew every letter that spelled out our fortune and cast all our doubt to the curb. You said it first, when we quenched our thirst with wine and with words all minors and thirds that love can be seen and love can be heard in lilies on canvas in voices like birds. 


6. Force Of One


Sometimes you just need to get shit done. Remember Wyatt and the O.K. Corral?

Some call me a hero, said I cleaned up this mess. They said that I helped take the wild out of the West. Yeah they know my name, that my deadly aim is a thing to be feared. I am the king of this here town, set them up I'll gladly knock them down. Some call me a coward, said I didn't fight fair. Well sometimes you have to shoot from behind to get here from there. With my star, and my gun, I'm a force of one. Some called me the sheriff, but I prefer judge, keeper of final score, holder of grudge.



7. Crush


They say the pain of grief is all the love you have built up inside with nowhere to go. The pain of love can feel the same, like a weight. Sometimes it's hard to breathe. You beautiful fool, it's never too late. 

Try and try, try as I might, I'm not strong enough to win this fight. It’s just not fair you smile I weep, you haunt me in my sleep. Try and try, try as I will, I’m not tough enough to brave this hill. No words I speak, it’s just not fair, all I can do is stare. That’s why they call it a crush, sometimes it feels like a pain. Sometimes it’s hard to breathe. Sometimes it feels like a weight, pushing down from above, and the only thing I know that can lift it up is Love. Try and try, try all I like, I just can’t you off my mind. It’s just not right, it’s so not just, my heart’s about to bust. For all the foils and fables, for all, like me, a beautiful fool. To fall and fall and keep falling like the first time, like the last time. Try and try, try as I might, I'm not tough enough to win this fight.


8. Beautiful Bones


"All the beauty of life is made up of light and shadow." Anna Karenina 


I stopped dead in my tracks at the grocery store, thinking about your kiss from the night before. I held my hand to my heart, I had to lean on my cart, I had to close my eyes and let the feeling, let the feeling subside. You have such beautiful bones casting shadows on the wall, shadows in every hall and you hold ethereal birds, frozen on the wing, you can hear them sing. Drums wake in my chest when you walk in the room, it’s like a whole damn band going boom diddy boom boom boom. It’s your entire fault, I need smelling salts and I want to hide and let the feeling, let the feeling subside. Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful, beautiful bones, beautiful, beautiful, beautiful, beautiful bones.


9. This Girl


You fell for the lies. Again. Didn't you see the signs looming larger than icebergs?  You did not listen...

Who fell for the guy? This girl, this girl. Who fell for the lies? This girl, this girl. And if I broke my heart? That’s how it goes. And if I crushed like ice? Don’t let it show. Grey fog horn it sounded across the ocean, never to be heard. I ran headfirst into your dark iceberg. Who capsized? This girl. Who fell for the guy? This girl, this girl. Who fell for the lies? This girl, this girl. And if I wanna cry? Leave us a note. And if I wanna die? That’s all she wrote. Grey fog horn it sounded across the ocean never to be heard. I ran headfirst into your dark iceberg. Who capsized? This girl. All the laughs and all those times, I heard your heart beat inside of mine. I thought I knew you. I thought I knew you.



10. Trees


Sometimes the only thing you need, to brush elbows with the divine, is a walk in the forest.

Last time I checked there weren't no cure for dying and all that trying won't get you any closer to a god you've never known. There's wisdom in the leaves in the stillness of the trees but you must be more quiet than the most quiet room. I need silence. I need silence, from a night of living loud. You may wear your sweet delight, sing the morning back to night. You might know the sunshine and the rain and never doubt the moon. When the fire leaves me cold, warm me after with your glow, green and gold liberate my soul. Roots run deep where willows weep, crack of thunder ravens fly, sanctuary where the crowns are shy. You may wear your sweet delight; sing the morning back to night.



11. Somewhere


You are here. You are somewhere. And time will eventually take care of everything and everyone.

Somewhere there's an ocean flowing, taking care of history.

Somewhere there's an emerald island in a floating sea.

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