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About The Lovebullies

The Lovebullies lineup of Paul Jahn, Joni Brent, Chantal Vitalis and Caroline Connolly have been playing together for over a  decade. Their Vintage-pop-rock vibe, combined with a high octane visually dynamic stage show, makes them favourites of the Calgary music scene. They have entertained crowds at Juno Fest, Tour of Alberta, South Country Fair, East Coulee Music Festival, Women's March, AMPIA Awards, Calgary's White Hat Awards, CFMF at Pride drive-in, Calgary Folk Festival's Block Heater and many other great events. Along with Kris Demeanor, they also recorded their cover of Gillian Welch's "Tear My Stillhouse Down" for Calgary Folk Festival's 40th Anniversary record Cover Art, recorded at the National Music Centre.

They've had the pleasure of warming up the stage for acts such as The Beach Boys, Alex Cuba, George Canyon, Big Sugar and The B-52's. Connolly and Vitalis compositions have won awards and accolades and have been featured in television, feature film and music videos. If you're a fan of Stampede City Sessions you may have seen The Lovebullies half hour special on PBS.


Their third studio album Friend is dedicated to Kevin Friend Herring, their longtime lead guitar player who had to depart for The Great Gig In the Sky. Friend features The Lovebullies in full force, with Kevin's dynamic, creative guitar playing front and centre. We love and miss you every day, Kevin - the album turned out just like you wanted: "More bully! Less love!" From the opening, rocking riffs of the first track, listeners can hear that The Lovebullies don't have time to faff around. We'll sell you the whole seat but you'll only need the edge of it!

The Lovebullies returned to the amazing National Music Centre recording studio with producer Graham Lessard to record their fourth album in August 2022. With an armload of new songs and a cartful of hooch, the band is excited to share with you the next iteration of The Lovebullies due out in 2023.

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